The digital strategy check was created as a result of the scientifically determined 7 action fields of digital transformation, based on the research results from 4,000 organisations and helps to determine your digital maturity with 24 digital strategy questions. It provides an initial assessment of your digital posture and opportunities for your digital roadmap.

The free digital strategy check will provide answers such as:

  • Have you covered the key strategic topics in your digital strategy/roadmap?
  • How far have you progressed with your digital transformation?
  • Where are the greatest opportunities for digital strategy development?

Invest less than 10 minutes for 24 questions: you will receive the results straight away online and as a free downloadable PDF. To support your strategy workshops, additional free resources (templates, checklists and videos) are available at

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The following questions cover action field 1: Customer centricity

1. Does your organisation (and its employees) know what your customers expect from you today and in the future?

2. Does your organisation have a plan to optimise, digitally guide and expand the customer experience?

3. Does your organisation have a plan to improve relationships with customers, partners and suppliers within the digital space?

4. Does your organisation constantly develop and test new ideas and products in the market?

The following questions cover action field 2: New technologies

1. Does your organisation constantly identify important technology trends and are you testing them?

2. Does your organisation use efficient communication technologies?

3. Has your organisation defined and implemented IT and data security measures?

The following questions cover action field 3: Data and the cloud

1. Does your organisation use existing data strategically and profitably?

2. Does your organisation have high-quality data in order to work efficiently and automate processes?

3. Does your organisation make data accessible from everywhere and for all processes?

The following questions cover action field 4: New strategies and business models

1. Does your organisation have an updated market analysis?

2. Does your organisation use/leverage your core capabilities (from the core business) in the digital space?

3. Do your organisation’s business and pricing models allow you to be successful in the digital space?

4. Is your organisation’s market positioning still appropriate and up to date in order to compete in the digital age?

5. Is your organisation structured in such a way that you can continuously recognise and react to market changes?

The following questions cover action field 5: Process management

1. Did your organisation optimise all business processes?

2. Did your organisation identify and implement cost-reducing process automations across the organisation?

3. Does your organisation use technology to make you agile and to measure the quality of your products/services and customer satisfaction?

The following questions cover action field 6: Digital leadership and culture

1. Does your organisation provide employees with a modern working environment with contemporary leadership, good equipment and flexible working arrangements?

2. Do all employees in your organisation have a common, uniform understanding of digital transformation?

3. Does your organisation have a change process to successfully implement digital transformation and the change to new work?

4. Does your organisation know what new (digital) skills there are and are you building them to a sufficient level?

The following questions cover action field 7: Digital marketing

1. Does your organisation use the right digital channels?

2. Does your organisation have a plan and does it benefit from building online communities?

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